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Sarah Hamilton

Founder and Clinic Owner 
Sport Massage Therapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist. 
Coventry therapist Sarah
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My love of animals, in particular sporting horses, led me to train as a veterinary physiotherapist; graduating from the Royal College of Animal Physiotherapy I set about working with a variety of animals particularly those that had sustained injuries whilst undertaking high demand activities. It soon became evident the importance of physiotherapy and sports therapy in not only the recovery of an injury but the future ability to return to full level of function with minimal chance of re injury and dysfunction. 


After working closely with a variety of sporting injuries and orthopaedic conditions within the equine and canine industry I felt it important to extend my knowledge into human practice. 


Qualifying as a sports massage therapist after studying with the Sports Massage Academy I carried on my interest in sports related injuries and rehabilitation, focusing on offering an individual long term treatment plan to help prevent and assist in the recovery of injuries and to help maintain peak performance. 


Alongside the physical benefits that massage offers, I have a passion and firmly believe that massage therapy is just as important and beneficial for mental and emotional wellbeing. 


When not working I enjoy riding and competing my horse and working towards my own goals and new experiences. I recently completed my biggest challenge to date: in 2018 I successfully summited Kilimanjaro, something I never thought I'd be capable of doing. The next big adventure in the pipeline is reaching base camp Everest with the hope of raising money and supporting a local charity in the process. 

Training Specialities 


Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy 

Trained in First Aid

Amy Sharp

Founder & Clinic Owner

Sports Therapist & Sports Massage

Hi I am Amy, I am a qualified sports therapist graduating from Northampton University in 2014. As part of my training I massaged Northampton County Cricket club under the supervision of the head physiotherapist. Due to my time spent as a swimming teacher I have become a keen supporter of swimming in relation to injury prevention and all the health benefits it brings. I feel the same with massage, you don't have to have a sports injury to have a sports or deep tissue massage. The benefits of having a massage can relieve stress and tension and also help with postural pains. 


I enjoy all sport but especially water sports particularly sailing and was part of the only all women’s crew to sail across the Atlantic in the Tall Ships Race. 


Training Specialities 


Sports Therapy

Sports Massage

Sports Rehabilitation

Injury Assessment

Exercise Prescription

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Josh Bell

Sports Massage Therapist

I recently qualified in 2023 with a Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma and have been learning and developing my technical skills.I have been shown with time, attention and frequent good practice Sports Massage is a great tool to combat pain and allow free movement. 


I have always been active in the more ‘unique’ sports like rock climbing/bouldering, skateboarding, surfing and a few martial arts. All of which have a recurring theme of repetitive strain injuries and general injury and without treatment these can be real setbacks. My interest in a more holistic approach and addressing ineffective biomechanics which can cause an increased likelihood of reinjury and taking the fun out of the sport. Especially if your favoured sport has a session window, you want to be ready at the start of the session. 


Massage also benefits the mind as well as the body. Helping to access parasympathetic states that help aid with digestion and recovery. I think this is an area that people can see as selfish, but having a dedicated period of time to relax without distraction is something that is hard to come by in the 21st Century. 


My aim is to keep people moving pain free and provide knowledge on injury prevention. Movement and sports can take you to new levels, let’s help you get there.

Training Specialities 

Level 3 Sports Massage

Myofascial Cupping

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